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Stunning and affordable bathroom remodels in just 1-Day sounds like every homeowner’s dream, but at Jude’s Bathrooms, we make this dream a reality for you! If your bathroom is decade old, damaged or needs some serious care, our team of experienced bathroom renovators can make your bathroom look fresh and new in just a day. Explore our 1-Day bathroom remodeling solution and get the unique, stylish, affordable and functional bathroom remodel without any trouble.

No matter, if you’re having a small or big bathroom, Jude’s Bathrooms specialises in remodeling an existing bathtub or shower in the best possible way. At Jude’s Bathrooms, our team of certified bathroom designers performs the remodeling process in such a way that you can get your shower or bathtub easily installed without disturbing your routine life. Our experts use the finest bathroom remodeling process to analyse your bathroom by taking accurate measurements and design a new shower and bathtub.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your decade-old bath with a shower replacement or you want to install a top quality bathtub, our expert renovators can aid you to get your desires fulfilled in a day! Our 1-Day shower remodel option is available with an array of different colours, designs and patterns that you can customise in accordance with your bathroom layout.

To learn more about how Jude’s Bathrooms can transform your home’s bath and shower in a 1-Day bathtub remodel or shower remodel, just give us a call on 1300 663 805 today!

Bathroom Remodeling Melbourne

1-Day Showers

Of all the fixtures in your home, a shower is one of the most important, it is used daily by every member of your family.

Over time bathrooms- in particular showers – will start to show the signs of an ageing home.

Whether your bathroom is simply aesthetically outdated or your tiles and seals are cracked and starting to cause leaks and water damage, a shower remodel could be your solution.

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Bathroom Remodelers Melbourne

1-Day Baths

How would you like to give your bathroom a complete overhaul…without renovating?

Until recently, giving your bathroom a fresh new look typically meant you had to renovate it. Renovations are fantastic, however they can add up to be a costly exercise. Jude’s Bathrooms has a solution that can give your bathroom that fresh new look, quickly and without breaking the bank- Bathtub Remodelling.

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