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We are your one-stop source for all your need regarding one day remodel. Is your bathroom is outdated, damaged, old-ridden or you just feel like a quick change in your interior design? Explore our 1-Day bathroom remodelling solution. As one of the experienced bathroom remodeling contractors, we have a unique system of bathroom renovation process that takes the stress, mess and sky-high prices out of a traditional bath remodel project.

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Bathroom Remodeling Melbourne

1-Day Showers

Of all the fixtures in your home, a shower is one of the most important, it is used daily by every member of your family.

Over time bathrooms- in particular showers – will start to show the signs of an ageing home.

Whether your bathroom is simply aesthetically outdated or your tiles and seals are cracked and starting to cause leaks and water damage, a shower remodel could be your solution.

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Bathroom Remodelers Melbourne

1-Day Baths

How would you like to give your bathroom a complete overhaul…without renovating?

Until recently, giving your bathroom a fresh new look typically meant you had to renovate it. Renovations are fantastic, however they can add up to be a costly exercise. Jude’s Bathrooms has a solution that can give your bathroom that fresh new look, quickly and without breaking the bank- Bathtub Remodelling.

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